If you have ever met me, you would know I am extremely politically engaged. I have always had a passion for political activism. 

On the political spectrum, I am a conservative Libertarian. I take great issue with the government ripping the citizen off just for the sake of more government with very little value to show. Trust me, Alaskan politics keeps me very busy indeed! 

As an artist, I like to create political memes. Here are a few of my most recent works.

The popularity of the Permanent Fund Dividend.


I predict any politician who supports capping the PFD may have a very difficult time getting elected in November. It would be wise to heed the popularity of these memes...

This is my most successful meme to date.

It received 136,000 views and 2.4K Shares organically

This meme has only been out a few days

and is up to 70,000 views. It will go 

much farther...

Following are two graphs I created with my budget work for United for Liberty

and Mission Critical. 

I take great pride in being part of 2 teams which effectively educated the citizens of Alaska that the government has not been "cut to the bone" and that the current governor and a multitude of politicians have been lying to Alaskans to drive their own agenda of an ever increasing government footprint. 

This graph clearly shows there has been no reduction in the size and scope of government as Alaska has been, and is currently in a recession, and during this time, the government has been deficit spending at an alarming rate of $4 billion per year over budget. This has got to stop. There are many in Juneau who need to go away and ruin their own business instead of driving us into bankruptcy.

I will continue to be active in politics as I believe it is my civic duty. It is what I believe I give back to all Alaskans.


I want everyone to live with a large degree of personal liberty and I know this can only happen when we have a government footprint only big enough to deliver essential services. 

Along with this philosophy comes personal responsibility. I say... 


"You either purchase your own way through life, or you are a product of those who purchase you."

"Remember, when you are on political vacation, so is your liberty!"


In the meantime, meander through my website. I provide value within my art prices as I market directly to the public. This allows me to keep my prices substantially less than what you would encounter in retail locations. If you have walls in your house, perhaps you need my service.


Politics may bring stress into your life, but my art will restore your harmony. I believe you need both! 


                                                          ~ Michael Chambers