Alaskan Artist  Michael Chambers  

Soon after serving my country in Vietnam, I moved to Alaska in 1975. I was

immediately attracted to this magnificent land and it's people.  My first home

was in Paxson, Alaska. I have lived in Fairbanks, Delta Junction, and currently

make my home in Anchorage. 

Many years ago I decided not to specialize in any singular medium of art. As a

consequence, it has taken me much longer to develop my craft but now I am

versatile in a multitude of mediums. 

My main focus is the wondrous landscapes of Alaska. I strive to convey the sense

of appreciation all Alaskans get from living in this great land.  It is my sincere 

hope that when you view and purchase my work that you are filled with the same peace and all

encompassing gratitude I receive from making my home here. All Alaskans are fortunate to be

able to have such immense beauty just outside every door in this state. 

The ultimate compliment is to purchase not only my art but art for a multitude of artists here in

Alaska. We are rich in art culture. With your purchase, you are allowing any artist to continue

to pursue their craft. I have been at this pursuit for 60 years. 

Take the time and explore my world of art, and if you are inspired with any of my works, this 

website has various ways you can either contact me for additional questions or directly purchase

the work I have available. Thank you for your interest.  


Vincent Van Gogh once said...

"To know life is to love many things."